UGB Expansion

On June 2, 2017, the State of Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) approved the Sandy Urban Growth Boundary Amendment. The approval constituted DLCD’s order approving the amendment as provided in OAR 660-025-0175. To view the most updated draft study please click on the ‘UGB Expansion Final Report’ link on this web page or click hereMap #18 on page 57 of the final report details the new zoning designations in City limits and the conceptual zoning in the expanded UGB areas.

The City of Sandy Council approved the UGB Expansion proposal on February 6, 2017. The Clackamas County Board of Commissioners then approved the UGB Expansion proposal on March 15, 2017.

Sandy’s existing urban growth boundary (UGB) has accommodated our housing, employment, park and school needs for nearly 20 years. The last time the UGB was amended was in 1997 when the Bornstedt Village area south of Highway 26 and west of Bornstedt Road was brought in. 

In 2014, the City Council directed staff to conduct a new Urbanization Study to determine if sufficient land exists in the current UGB to accommodate projected growth for the next 20 years. Adopted in 2015, the conclusion of this study indicated that in the 20 year planning period (2014-2034) there is expected to be a deficit in the existing UGB of properties zoned for low and medium density residential development and commercial properties. The study also concluded that the current UGB contains a small surplus of high density residential and industrial zoned properties.

Following adoption of the Urbanization Study the next step is to evaluate which properties to include in a UGB expansion. Beginning in the summer of 2015 city staff started compiling information to evaluate each property within the existing urban reserve boundary for potential inclusion in an expansion. The priority lands for properties to include are properties already contained within the existing urban reserve boundary, properties most easily served by utility services including sanitary sewer and water, and properties easily accommodated by planned transportation improvements.

Public workshops were held on March 2nd and 8th, 2016 that were well attended by an engaged audience who asked many great questions. About 30 people attended each workshop. These workshops presented background information about the study and the methodology we will use to assess which properties to include in a UGB expansion. For the benefit of those that could not attend the meeting we have included the public workshop presentation on this webpage. 

For more information contact Planning Department staff at 503-489-2163.

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