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Code Enforcement - Dogs


Dogs must be on a leash when off of your property.  The City also has a "pooper scooper ordinance that requires owners to clean up after their pets (a zip-lock bag turned inside out works great for pick up).  Non-compliance with either ordinance may result in a $160 fine.

Barking Dogs

Long, continuous barking of a dog is disturbing to neighbors and is addressed in the City's noise ordinance.  Violation of this ordinance may result in a $500 fine.  If your dog has a continuous issue with barking uncontrollably while you are away, you may be interested in this information from the Oregon Humane Society.

Lost Dogs

Please call the Sandy Police Department with the necessary information to reunite you and your lost dog.  Also, please notify us when the dog is found.  Your dog must be licensed through Clackamas County Dog Services -- your local veterenarian can help you with this. They can also chip your dog to help authorities identify your furry friend and get him or her back to you.

If you've found a dog, please contact Sandy Police as well.  We will do our best to reunite pets with their owners and prevent a trip to the County impound facility in Clackamas.