The City of Sandy provides water service to customers within Sandy city limits and in some surrounding areas.  To start, stop or switch utility service (water, sewer, SandyNet) or for questions about your account, please call (503) 668-7449


  • Utility Bill Auto-Pay Form - Get your City of Sandy utility bill sety up for Auto-Pay by clicking here - simply print out the form, fill it out and deliver it to Sandy City Hall with a voided check.  We'll take care of the rest.
  • Water Sources - Sandy's water comes from three sources: Alder Creek, Brownell Springs and the Portland Water Bureau.  It routinely exceeds EPA standards for water quality.  Click here for more information.
  • Water Quality - Information regarding the quality of water that the City of Sandy provides can be found here - check out our Consumer Confidence Reports for 2004 through 2013.
  • Regional Water Providers Consortium - Click here for tips on water conservation.
  • Water Bill Newsletter - Click here for the latest Water Bill Newsletter.  You may also access any Water Bill Newsletter from the past 12 months here.
  • Water shutoff procedures - Click here to see the City of Sandy's official water shutoff procedures.

   For questions about the city's water treatment, transmission, storage and distribution systems, please call Mike Walker, Sandy's Public Works Director at (503) 489-2162.

   For water quality data, please visit the Oregon Health Authority - Drinking Water Program Water Quality Online website (https://yourwater.oregon.gov/). Results for all testing and analyses of the City's water (both at the source and in the piping system) going back to 1981 can be found here. (note: click on "Search Options" and choose which parameters or contaminants you are looking for. Use the ID number for Sandy (00789) in the box)