Street Lights

If you have a malfunctioning street light in your neighborhood, report it!  Each pole has a round metal tag (se pictures below) with identifying numbers - a "map number" (e.g. D2413), and a "pole number" (e.g. 7563). Find these numbers, write them down, and then call PGE at 800-544-1795  and then press "3" or e-mail (...and if you can't find the pole numbers, a street address often works).  You can also visit PGE's website -- select "Outages" and then select "Outage Info" and scroll down to the "Report a Streetlight" link, or just click on the link below.  PGE usually repairs the light within a couple of weeks of a reported outage.


link PGE Streetlight Outage - Click here to report a malfunctioning street light.

pole tags