The City of Sandy manages stormwater in order to reduce runoff and therby reduce capital and maintenance costs to the City and improve the water quality of streams in and around Sandy.

The City requires all new developments to treat and detain stormwater from the 2, 5, 10 and 25 year storm events to pre-development conditions, as defined in the City of Portland Stormwater Management Manual and the Sandy Municipal Code.

24-hour rainfall amounts to be used in the calculations are:

Storm Recurrence Interval Rainfall (inches)
2 year 3.50
5 year 4.50
10 year 4.80
25 year 5.50
100 year 6.50

City of Sandy Stormwater Management Incentive Program - The City of Sandy administers an incentive program to encourage property owners to reduce or mitigate for impervious pavement on commercial, industrial and multi-family residential properties. Click on the link for additional information about the program.

filecabinet Infiltration opportunities and constraints - In 2001, the City developed a stormwater management plan to help staff review future and present developments to ensure that stormwater quality and quantity does not negatively impact our local streams.  A map of infiltration opportunities and constraints in the Sandy area was produced as part of the study.