Finance Department

The Finance Department centers its mission around values of accountability and integrity, in pursuit of the highest standards of customer service.

The Finance staff serves the public and internal customers by receipting and disbursement of City financial resources, sound investment of City cash, accurate and timely recording of all financial activity, accounting for fixed assets, monitoring financial compliance with various Federal, State and local requirements and providing support to City departments in areas of financial management. Staff contact information is below.

Payroll/Benefits Tyler Deems 503.826.1079
Administrative Assistant Karey Milne 503.668.2922
Utility Billing Jayme Wantowski 503.668.7449
Municipal Court Kortney Fisher 503.826.1939
Finance Director Lisa Young 503.489.0940



  The City of Sandy adopts a budget to guide its decision making and execution of its operating and capital plans.  The budget is prepared at the direction of the City Manager to address the goals and objectives of  the City Council and fulfill the service level expections of its citizens and customers.


Adopted Budget FY 2015-17 ~ City of Sandy's web-based 2015-17 Biennial Budget.

** Budget Process FY 2015-17**

To learn more about the Proposed Biennial Budget for fiscal years 2015 - 2017 process, see below:

  • Budget FY 2015-17 City of Sandy's web-based 2015-17 Biennial Budget.
  • Notice of Budget Committee Meeting(s) 
    • Tuesdays, April 21st and 28th at 7:00 pm - Council Chambers, 39250 Pioneer Blvd. Sandy, OR
  • Budget Calendar FY 2015- 2017  ~  The City's budget process that adheres to Oregon Budget Law.
  • Budget Committee Members  ~ The City's Budget Committee consists of the Council members plus an equal number of citizens.  Also listed is City's management team.
  • Links to Budget Information on the State's Website.
    • Local Budgeting in Oregon - This booklet provides a brief overview of the full budget process.
    • Oregon Budget Law ~ Here is a link to the State's website where you can find more information about the various requirements of budgets and Local Budget Law in the State of Oregon.

NOTICE OF BUDGET HEARING ~ Biennial Fiscal Years 2015-17

Monday, May 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. , Sandy City Hall Chambers, 39250 Pioneer Blvd.  


The areas of responsibility that fall under the Finance Department include: utility payments and billing, accounting, city recorder's office, municipal court, utility billing, public service center, accounts payable, payroll, risk management, human resources, city budgeting, auditing, and financial reporting.

Current financial reports for the City of Sandy compares year-to-date revenue and expense totals compared to the biennial adopted budget.

COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT (CAFR)- City of Sandy                                                            FY 2016 CAFR         

2016 Cover

The City of Sandy prepares annual financial reports to communicate the financial position of the City at the end of its fiscal year (June 30) and the results of operations for the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).

National Award ~ The Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) issues Awards for Excellence in Government Finance that recognize contributions to the practice of government finance thaexemplify outstanding financial management.  The Certificate of Achievement is a prestigious award, recognizing conformance with the highest standards for preparation of state and local government financial reports. Sandy Finance has receives this certificate of achievement the last eleven years. For more information on the GFOA's award program, please click here.

Previous Fiscal Years:                                                  

filecabinetFY 2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

filecabinet FY 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report


ANNUAL REPORT - Urban Renewal Agency

The Sandy's Urban Renewal Agency (URA) is a separate component unit of the City of Sandy and is responsible for governing Sandy's urban renewal area.  Therefore the URA is required to provide its own annual financial report.  For more information on the urban renewal area and projects, click here.

Previous Fiscal Years:

filecabinet FY 2016 Urban Renewal Financial Statements 

filecabinet FY 2015 Urban Renewal Financial Statements 


Entities that expend federal funds $500,000 or more during a fiscal year are required to obtain an annual audit in accordance with the Single Audit Act, OMB Circular A-133.  The purpose of a Single Audit is to ensure a recipient of federal funds is in compliance with the federal program's requirements for how money can be used.

filecabinet FY 2014 City of Sandy Single Audit 



filecabinet Fuel Tax Report.xls Spreadsheet
filecabinet Fuel Tax Printable Report  PDF file
filecabinet Quarterly Transient Room Tax Report  PDF file