City Council

The governing body for the City of Sandy is the City Council.  The Council is composed of the Mayor and six City Council members.  They are all elected at-large (i.e., by all city voters); the Mayor serves a two-year term and the Council members serve four-year terms, with half the positions elected in the November general election of even-numbered years.

As with most Oregon cities, Sandy uses the "Council-Manager" form of government.  The City Council members are unpaid volunteers who typically hold full time jobs in other areas.  They are responsible for all city policies, legislation, and the city budget.  The City Council appoints a city manager, who is assigned responsibility of day-to-day operation of the city, consistent with the policy direction set by the Council.  Each year the City Council sets goals for the community and the city government.  These goals help direct the budget and work program for city staff.  City Council also establishes policies that help guide decision-making.

Sandy City Council assigns each of its members to serve as a liaison to the various neighborhoods within the city.  Click on the link entitled "Council Neighborhood Liaison Assignments" below to find out which City Councilor is the representative for your neighborhood.

Mail to Sandy City Council can be addressed to: 39250 Pioneer Boulevard, Sandy, OR 97055.  The main line at City Hall is (503) 668-5533.  See the directory (in the About the City page) for individual member contacts.

City Council Meetings - Agendas, minutes and video archive:

The agenda for the City Council regular meetings and workshops are available online by 4:30 p.m. on the Wednesday prior to the scheduled meeting or workshop.  To view this information, as well as meeting agendas and agenda packet material, meeting minutes and video from past meetings, click here.


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