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The Building Department is responsible for guiding the City's structural, mechanical and plumbing processes for the construction industry and the public. Building staff provide consultation, complete plan review, issue permits and conduct inspection services. Business licensing and sign installation approval are also handled by the Building Department.

(Note: For electrical inspection and/or permitting information, contact Clackamas County)

Department Information

The Building Department is located at City Hall, 39250 Pioneer Blvd. and is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. The Department is staffed by the Director, Building Official, and Permit Technician. For direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses, click the directory link.

Noryne Robinson (Permit Tech): 503-668-0880 or
Terre Gift (Building Official): 503-489-2164 or

To request an inspection call 503-668-6941 before 7:00 AM for same day inspection.

For inspection status call 503-668-0880 for inspection status.

Fax: 503-668-8714


The Building Department has three components: Permits, Business Licenses, and Sign Permits. For information on each of these components please see the following web pages:

Permit Questions and Answers

Business Licenses

Sign Permits

Additional Resources

To find information regarding a contractor in the state of Oregon visit the Oregon Contractor's Board.

For information regarding radon in the home please visit Radon: Truth vs. Myth.

Building Department fees are listed in the PDF below. To obtain a more detailed fee analysis please contact Noryne Robinson by email at or by phone at 503-668-0880.