Viewing Location: Jonsrud Viewpoint Park

15652 Bluff Road
Sandy, OR 97055

4.95 acres, is north of Highway 26 on Bluff Road and is a designated stop on the Oregon Scenic Byways program. Stroll the brick pathways, look through the telescope, and enjoy spectacular views of Mt. Hood and the Sandy River Valley as well as informational signs about the Barlow Road, part of the Oregon Trail.

In 2019 and 2020, the City of Sandy partnered with Clackamas County Tourism through the County's Community Partnership Program to complete two improvement and maintenance projects at Jonsrud Viewpoint.  One of the improvements made at the park was to add a second viewing telescope with technology that enables people who are color blind (350 million worldwide) to experience the colors of nature. Sandy will become the first location outside the state of Tennessee to offer this experience to the color blind using optical technology for color vision
deficiency from EnChroma.

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