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Fiber Service

Our fiber-optic infrastructure is available throughout the commercial and industrial areas of Sandy making ultra reliable and incredibly high speed fiber service available to our business community. Whether your business needs are small or large SandyNet has a solution that will fit. 

Small Business

Standard Business


300 Mbps (upload/download)** 1000 Mbps (upload/download)** 1000 Mbps (upload/download)**
Dynamic IP address Dynamic IP address

Static IP address

Optional Phone Service Optional Phone Service

Optional Phone Service

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No Contract, No Data Caps No Contract, No Data Caps -----

$41.95 per month

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$59.95 per month

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Dedicated Wireless Service

Due to our significant tower infrastructure we are able to provide high capacity dedicated wireless links to many business in Sandy as well as the greater Sandy area. This is a great option for businesses that are too far away from our fiber facilities to take advantage of that infrastructure. Prices for this service start at $175 per month and construction costs are usually very reasonable.  Speeds up to 50 Mbps are available. For more information please give us a call!