The City of Sandy’s local choice for internet service!

SandyNet is a utility of the City of Sandy, owned by the citizens of Sandy with the purpose of providing our community with an ultra-fast, and incredibly reliable internet service. We believe this is critical for today’s digital age. 


We are a department of the City of Sandy with a focus of serving our citizens to the best of our abilities. Because we are local and focused on this specific region, we believe we are highly in tune with the needs and desires of our community. 

We also take pride in our work, because this is OUR network. Performance and reliability matter to us! Our staff use the network in their homes, our families and friends rely upon it every day. We use it for business, we use it for entertainment, and we use it for communicating with friends and loved ones. 

We know that our customers use it for those things as well, and it is just as important to them as it is to us. 


Because we are local, we believe we are held to a higher level of accountability. We recognize that every time we go to the store we are interacting with our customers. We take the responsibility to provide outstanding service very seriously. We are all in this community together! 

As a department of the city, our customers have the benefit of direct access to SandyNet’s board of directors, the Sandy City Council. We love the fact that our customers have an opportunity twice a month to speak to the very top level of our organization. If we haven’t given you the best we possibly can, we expect to hear about it! Try doing that with your typical internet service provider! 


DataCenter.jpgIn today’s world having a connection you can rely on is important. We have seen the internet evolve over the past few decades into what is now considered an essential utility. Life and business are conducted online, which means it needs to work when you need it. SandyNet has evolved along with the changing requirements of our customers.

The network was started in 2002 and utilized DSL technology to deliver service to customers, then it was transitioned to a fixed wireless service, and in 2014 we began construction on what SandyNet has become today… a state-of-the-art fiber to the premises network.
There is nothing as reliable as fiber optics, and that is what we deliver all the way into our customers homes. 

In addition to an outstanding network in our neighborhoods and business community, the SandyNet team has also worked to make the core of our network incredibly robust and reliable. All of our primary systems are right here in Sandy which allow us to respond quickly to any problems. But problems are few and far between because the infrastructure has been designed with redundancy and fail-safe measures in place. We even have redundant fiber paths out of Sandy to provide us with an incredibly reliable connection to the rest of the world.