City of Sandy Public Works -- Notice of Street Maintenance Work

Date: May 7, 2017

Notice of Street Maintenance Work

During the month of May Public Works crews will be sealing pavement cracks on City streets as shown on the map below.  (Right-click on the picture and open it in a different tab in your browser for a larger map.)

Depending on the amount of cracking and the number of parked cars the work will be confined to one side of street or the other on residential streets. City staff will place No Parking barricades the afternoon before the work starts. On smaller streets with few cracks or parked cars the work may be done all at once.

On Tuesday, May 9th, City crews will be sealing cracks on 362nd Drive between Dubarko Road and US 26.  Traffic will be diverted to the cetner turn as the work takes place so motorists are encouraged to be attentive in this area.  Access to and from the Fred Meyer site can also be taken off of Industrial Way (near the fuel station) to avoid the work area on 362nd.

The material used is a polymer-modified asphalt product, immediately after application it is covered with a sealant to prevent tracking before it cures. Please keep off the material until it is fully cured and crews have left the site.

This work is an inexpensive treatment that keeps water out of the street sub grade and helps preserve the street. The work is funded by the $0.02/gallon local fuel tax collected on fuel sales in the City.

Please contact if you have any questions or need more information.