Date: August 29, 2016


Community Branding and Marketing Strategy


The City of Sandy is seeking proposals from qualified individuals or firms to assist the city with the preparation of a strategic branding strategy to promote unity in city services to the general public, to update the city’s image, and to be used in any marketing efforts by the city.  Qualified firms should have experience in community and/or corporate identity branding – including logo development, graphic standards and recommendations for implementation.  A comprehensive evaluation report outlining the needs of city departments has been completed and firms will use this report as a guiding document in developing the branding strategy.

City Profile

The City of Sandy, population 10,500, is located in Clackamas County, Oregon.  Like many Oregon cities, Sandy was historically a timber town.  While the sight of log trucks is not uncommon through the city, Sandy is now known as a regional retail hub for the surrounding area and as the closest incorporated city to the Mt. Hood National Forest.  The City is uniquely situated between nearby, natural recreational amenities, the City of Portland and Portland International Airport.  Sandy leaders are proud of local parks and trails including one of the most stunning vistas in all of North America at the Jonsrud Viewpoint.  This viewpoint overlooks the Sandy River Valley and Mt. Hood.  Several summer events draw visitors to the area including Sandy Summer Sounds & Starlight Cinema and Sandy Mountain Festival. 

The business community and local Chamber of Commerce enjoy a good relationship with the City.  Any effort to enhance the City’s image through a branding strategy would be supported by local businesses. 

Basic departments include police, library, recreation, senior services, water, sewer, storm water and streets. Sandy also provides a City-owned fiber network for internet connectivity and operates its own transit system.  More information on the City can be found at

Project Background

In the current 2015-2017 budget cycle, the City Council made a goal to update the city’s marketing brand.  Many city departments have different looks, logos, and colors making it difficult for citizens to identify them as city services.  A goal was instituted to develop a branding strategy that would unify the city’s look and create a guide for marketing efforts by individual departments.   

Qualifications and Experience

The City of Sandy is soliciting consultants to assist the City in the aforementioned initiatives.  A qualified consulting firm will have experience in strategic planning, corporate identity/branding – including logo development and graphic standards, and creative marketing, promotions and recommendations for implementation.

Proposals will be accepted from individuals, organizations (for profit or non-profit), or other collaborative arrangements that:

  • Are qualified to conduct business in the State of Oregon and the City of Sandy
  • Are in a corporation or a limited liability corporation (LLC) that is in good standing with the Secretary of State

Proposers shall have substantial experience with the following:

  • Developing, implementing and coordinating marketing campaigns and community branding efforts;
  • Providing professional, effective communication services;
  • Producing quality graphic design and copywriting;
  • Developing creative and successful community branding materials to promote economic development within an area.
  • Working collaboratively with committee members
  • Conducting/presenting at community meetings


Project Scope and Costs

Consultants are encouraged to submit a core proposal that addresses the following scope of work:

1. Using the City’s existing comprehensive evaluation report, develop a branding strategy and design that promotes the amenities offered by the City of Sandy, unifies the various city services, and provides a marketing strategy for city departments using the new brand.  The evaluation report recommended a strong central city mark with smaller factors (e.g. font, color, icon, etc.) delineating the differences between departments.  Proposers should be able to convey their ability to create a unifying mark while still maintaining some department individuality. 

2. Graphic design and production of advertising and communication materials, including:

a. Graphic design of logo options with or without tagline;

b. Selection of typeface and color palette;

c. Development recommendations for deploying the brand;

d. Identify points seen as crucial to the delivery of the brand and necessary enhancements;

e. Develop guidelines for use and management of the brand.

In addition to the items listed above, all data, analysis, multi-media materials, master copies (hard and digital) of final products and all other relevant documentation will be provided to the city for project files.

Respondents may propose additional alternatives to the scope of work they believe will significantly improve the project’s outcomes. In addition, the city is looking for cost saving measures throughout the process. Proposers are encouraged to submit suggestions for cost savings and other ways of promoting efficiencies, and to highlight any tradeoffs inherent in the suggested alternatives. Both the core proposal and any alternatives should include a clear description of the work, reasoning for consideration and a fee proposal.


The schedule for the RFP process is as follows:

RFP Advertised: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RFP Response Deadline: Friday, September 16, 2016 by 4:00 p.m.

Interviews (if necessary): Week of October 10, 2016

Consultant Selection: Week of October 17th with contract negotiations thereafter

Commence Project: Est. Week of November 7th

Project Completion: Base on project schedule in proposal.  No later than March 2017.

Format Requirements

To be considered, a completed proposal must be submitted on time, and must respond to each of the following items listed in this section. The proposal shall be a maximum of 12 pages (excluding covers, blank dividers and appendices). Proposals should be succinct and well-organized. Work samples, resumes, and professional references accompanying proposals as attached appendices will not be counted as part of the 12-page limit.

At minimum, the proposal should have the following sections and information:

1. Cover Letter: Containing the following:

a. the name of the person(s) authorized to represent the Proposer in negotiating and signing any agreement which may result from the proposal;

b. entity name and address;

c. phone, website, and email address;

d. federal tax identification number;

e. cites any conflicts of interest; and

f. statement of ability to complete the project on time given current workload.

2. Staffing: Name and qualifications of the individual(s) who will provide the requested services and a current resume for each, including a description of qualifications, skills, and responsibilities.

3. Work plan/approach: Describe how you will complete the scope of work including a detailed schedule with milestones, and how you will work with City staff and community leaders to leverage and utilize existing resources.

4. Experience/work samples: Provide previous work examples that demonstrate how you meet the experience requirements listed above. Submit three (3) projects undertaken in the past three (3) years (preferably for government clients of a similar sized city) that involved services similar to those requested in this RFP. For each example, provide the following information:

a. The scope and goals of the project and how success was measured;

b. A description of your role in the project and, if applicable, a description of the work of other contractors;

c. Identify individuals listed under “Staffing” who worked on the project, and describe their role;

d. Provide a reference for the project – client’s name, title, email address and telephone number;

e. If applicable, attach relevant work samples, or a visual representation of the work, including logos.

5. Cost/Budget: Provide a not-to-exceed cost proposal for all work described under the Scope of Work broken down by project component. This should include a detailed breakdown of consultant hours per task, hourly rates for all team members (including clerical), budget allocations for each firm and direct expenses. Proposers are encouraged to submit suggestions for cost savings and other ways of promoting cost-efficiency and to highlight any tradeoffs inherent in the suggested alternatives.

6. Insurance: Provide Proof of Insurance of $2 million comprehensive and automotive liability insurance, as well as proof of coverage by Worker’s Compensation Insurance or exemption.

7. Subconsultants: Provide a list of the tasks, responsibilities, and qualification of any subconsultants proposed to be used on a routine basis.

Completed proposals should be addressed to Seth Atkinson, City Manager, City of Sandy 39250 Pioneer Blvd. Sandy, OR 97055 or Proposals must be emailed or arrive at this address no later than 4:00 PM, on Friday, September 16, 2016.

Interested firms shall submit six copies of their proposals if they are not submitting electronically. The City of Sandy reserves the right to request additional information following a review of the initial submission. The City may retain other consultants to assist in the review of any aspects of the proposals.

Questions regarding the RFP should be directed to Seth Atkinson at  Any changes to the RFP, clarifications of substance, etc., will be conveyed in writing to all consultants who received the RFP.

Selection Process

The City will conduct a fair and impartial process for the selection of a contractor for this project. A selection committee, assembled by the City, will review the proposals and develop a short list based on the extent to which proposals satisfy the selection criteria stated below.

Depending on the evaluation of the proposals, the selection committee may choose a single finalist and begin contract negotiations.  If necessary, the selection committee will interview representatives from the top proposers. The selection committee shall make the final determination. The City reserves the right to request additional information following a review of the initial submission and may retain other consultants to assist in the review of any aspects of the proposals.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals not meeting the above requirements will be considered non-responsive. The following criteria will be used by the selection committee to evaluate each proposal:

1. Specialized Work Experience:  Maximum Score = 15%

Specialized experience in the type of work to be performed, specifically including work in a city of similar size and geographic location.  Knowledge of the City of Sandy and local community is highly desirable. 

2. Staff Qualifications and Experience: Maximum Score = 20%

Qualifications and experience of the staff assigned by proposer to perform specified services.

3. Approach: Maximum Score = 25%

The consultant team demonstrates an approach which has an effective and clear decision-making process, links all aspects of the scope of work, successfully integrates technical and public involvement activities, completes the project on schedule, offers creative and unique public involvement approaches or tools, and offers cost-efficiencies.

4. Fee Proposal: Maximum Score = 20%

The fee proposal is reasonable in amount and justifies amount of work proposed.

5. Quality of Work Samples: Maximum Score = 20%

Work samples submitted with the proposal are professional in appearance, clear, easily understood, and exhibit an effective use of graphics and visual display skills.

The selection committee will review all proposal materials and may confer with professional references identified by proposing consultant teams.

Other Requirements

All facts and opinions stated within this RFP, and all supporting documents and data are based on information available from a variety of sources. No representation or warranty is made with respect thereto.

The City of Sandy reserves the right to modify the selection process or other aspects of this RFP at its sole discretion.  All firms that have requested the RFP will be notified of modifications, as applicable.  The city reserves the right to accept a proposal even if it does not contain all the information in response to this Request for Proposal.  The city also reserves the right to reject without cause all proposals in response to this RFP.  The city reserves the right to reject, or request replacement of, individual team members or firms comprising a consultant team.  Upon selection of a consultant team for the project, negotiations will be undertaken regarding final project scope of work and fees.  The City reserves the right to terminate such negotiations and begin negotiations with the next ranked consultant team.   The selected firm will be required to obtain a City of Sandy business license and pay the local Sandy Transit payroll tax. 

Protests concerning the consultant selection process must be delivered in writing within 5 days of the contract award announcement to Seth Atkinson, City Manager at the City of Sandy.