Sandy Skate Park
17225 Smith Avenue
Sandy, OR 97055

Bring your skateboard and spend a day carving it up at Sandy's very own skate park.


The Oregon Trail School District (OTSD), committed to serving youth in the Sandy area, allowed the Sandy Skate Association to build a 10,000-square-foot skatepark near the southern end of the soccer field at Cedar Ridge Middle School (17165 Meinig Avenue). Local skaters and BMX riders designed the park to fit within the land area provided by the OTSD. The park opened in June of 2000. We are still raising money to pay for the projects outlined above.


  • The City of Sandy kicked down $10,700. Please thank our City Councilors for recognizing the importance of the skatepark!
  • Developer Don Oakley of Cascade Communities, Inc., donated $5,200.
  • Developer and local businessman Brad Picking donated $2,700.
  • Mt. Hood Snowboard Camp donated $1,000 for concrete.
  • Individuals too numerous to list made smaller contributions and we THANK YOU for every penny you contributed!


  • Concrete by Stagl Construction and Carlson Construction, as well as some volunteer mud-slingers from the Sandy community.
  • Rail and welding by Mike Pruitt.
  • Fencing by Sandy Fence. Gates by Bundy Fence.
  • 2 tons of rebar donated by Hoffman Construction.
  • Gravel from Mt. Hood Rock Products.
  • New retaining wall and wheelchair ramp by Brian Califf and his crew. Railing on the retaining wall by G&S Welding.
  • John Mann has been working on some of the finishing touches including concrete work on top of the block retaining wall, an extension of the retaining wall on the  south side of the park, and installation of paving stones near the entrance to the park.


The Sandy Skate Association, a group of youth and parents who focused their energy on building a skatepark, worked for over 3 years to make this happen.

The SSA mission statement: The Sandy Skate Association (SSA) coalesced to develop a facility in which skateboarders, in-line skaters and freestyle bicyclists can practice and develop their skills in a relatively safe and challenging environment.

We spent over a year examining concrete skateparks in communities throughout Oregon and Washington prior to designing our own park.

We obtained the support of the City of Sandy, the Sandy Police Department, the Sandy Chamber of Commerce and the Oregon TrailSchool District.

It's your park, want to get involved? Join the SkatePAC - Skatepark Advisory Committee - to work on maintenance, fundraising and other issues.


  • The people who skate the park help manage the park. Help keep it open:
  • Put trash in the dumpster. Recycle everything possible.
  • Artists, please leave your paint and markers at home.
  • When your friends start swearing at the top of their lungs, tape their mouth shut. Seriously, keep it down.
  • Say hi to adults and be cool.
  • These are a few things we can do to improve our relationships with our neighbors and the Sandy Police officers who have to respond to complaints.
A Few Rules
  • Hours: 2:30 PM to sunset on school days -  8:00 AM to sunset when school is closed;
  • Use park at your own risk, and wear a helmet to protect your skull;
  • Keep your head up, look where you are going and communicate with other skaters;
  • All school rules apply - NO TOBACCO/DRUGS/ALCOHOL;
  • Please, no stereos;
  • Please, keep your language clean;
  • Please, keep glass out of the park;
  • Please, recycle and put trash in cans;
  • Please, do not skate in the street;
  • Please, be cool to our neighbors by taking care of our park.
  • Remind people about our rules. One person can mess things up for all of us.


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