Available Commercial Buildings in Sandy

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DISCLAIMER:  The information contained in this inventory is accurate to the best of our knowledge.  All information should be verified with the realtor and/or property owner to ensure that any recent changes are accounted for.

The City of Sandy does not guarantee that properties listed here are “business-ready” – properties on this list may require additional improvements to comply with city, county and state code depending on the type of business that occupies them.

*SPECIAL NOTE: Are you looking for an office to rent, but not looking to lease an entire commercial space on your own?  Willing to share space with another local business in return for a great deal on rent?  Studio 623 (a local photography studio) is looking for a business to share a nice downtown commercial space with, and can provide a secure office space for a reasonable price.  Please contact Becky Nerpel at Studio 623 at (503) 810-2958 (studio line), or call/text her personal line at (503) 668-7684 for more information.

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