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Below is a list of the most commonly requested home owner improvements. For more complex development or less   common improvements you should contact the Building Department at 503-668-0880 or email 

Residential Accessory Structures

A Residential Accessory Structure is a structure that is clearly incidental to and subordinate to the main use of property and located on the same lot as the main use.

Uncertified Woodstoves

As of August 1, 2010, Oregon law requires you to remove an uncertified woodstove or fireplace insert if you are selling your home. The City of Sandy Building Department does not require a permit to remove your uncertified woodstove, but does require a permit to install a new or replacement woodstove.

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Retaining Walls

I am installing a retaining wall to support the flower bed next to my home. Do I need a building permit?

Yes. Retaining walls over four (4) feet in height measured from the bottom of the footing or that are supporting a surcharge (see PDF below) shall be approved through a building permit. Retaining walls that require a permit will need to be engineered by an Oregon State registered engineer.

filecabinet Retaining Wall Handout.pdf

I want to build a short retaining wall in my back yard to hold some flowers. Do I need a building permit?

Maybe. If the retaining wall is less than four (4) feet in height and there is no surcharge pushing against the retaining wall then a permit is not necessary.

filecabinet Retaining Wall Handout.pdf