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Why Develop in Sandy?

With the economy finally on the mend and picking up steam, the City of Sandy is anticipating another period of sustained growth in our local economy.  Right now, there are a number of indicators showing that Sandy is ripe for retail expansion.  Here are the top five reasons why we think that Sandy is the most profitable place to build your next commercial development:

♦  Sandy is the retail hub for east Clackamas County Many smaller communities including Estacada, Boring and the Villages on Mount Hood (Welches, Brightwood, Wemme, Zigzag and Rhododendron) count on Sandy businesses to provide them with a competitive market for retail goods and services that may not be as readily available to them locally.  This gives Sandy a market area of around 40,000 people, roughly four times larger than its current population.  In addition, Sandy residents generally have strong feelings about doing their shopping and banking in town, and prefer to avoid driving to nearby Gresham if it can be avoided, largely because the travel time adds a minimum of 30 minutes to any task.....and for our friends in Estacada and on the mountain, that's more like 60 minutes.  Shopping local isn't just good for the local economy - it saves our residents time and money too!

Sandy's population is growing rapidly - Maybe it's the country air, maybe it's the short hop to the ski resorts, maybe it's the laid back semi-rural lifestyle......whatever the reason, Sandy is fast becoming one of Oregon's most desirable place to live.  According to Portland State University's Population Research Center and the U.S. Census Bureau, the City of Sandy was not only the 5th fastest growing city in Oregon from 2000 to 2010 -- it was also one of only two cities in the Portland Metro area to make the top five!  More people moving to Sandy means growing demand for goods and services in our market area, which in turn leads to an increasing demand for commercial space to rent.

♦  We're running out of available commercial space to lease -  The City's supply of available commercial properties for lease has steadily been shrinking as the economy recovers from the Great Recession.  There are currently fewer than 20 commercial properties available within Sandy city limits, and we anticipate this number to continue to decrease as the City continues to grow.  This is putting pressure on the local commercial real estate market and increasing the need for new retail spaces for lease.  You can see the current inventory of available spaces on the City of Sandy Available Commercial Buildings database, as well as the inventory of lands ready to develop on the City of Sandy Available Commercial Lands database.

♦ More eyes on your retail space - The age old adage about business states that the three most important things in business are location, location, location.  Sandy is located along US26, the primary transportation route between the Portland Metro area and central Oregon, and almost all of Sandy's commercially zoned properties are either on US26 or are easily visible from it.  According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, more than 35,000 cars a day travel through Sandy along the US26 corridor.*  That's more than 35,000 pairs of eyes on virtually every retail business in town....every single day.  Many regional and national chains have already taken advantage of this fact - see our competition maps showing regional/national chains broken down into three categories: retail and service businesses, restaurants, and miscellaneous businesses.  You can also take a look at the traffic counts in Sandy at different points along US26 with our traffic count map.   (* - ODOT 2014 traffic count at US26 & Bluff Road = 35,300 vehicles/day)

♦ Why wait for Google?  Sandy's got world class internet services right now! - 15 years ago, the City of Sandy developed its own internet service provider due to the lack of services provided by the private market in the area.  SandyNet began offering gigabit fiber internet connections to businesses in Sandy way back in 2007, and currently provides gigabit service to a number of local business titans like AEC Inc., Clackamas County Bank, Suburban Auto Group, the Resort on the Mountain and Konell Construction to name a few.  Today, our building code requires all new commercial buildings to be built to accomodate SandyNet's optical fiber, so all new construction can be marketed as "gigabt fiber ready", an important selling point in the modern economy.  Not only that, but Sandy is one of the few cities in America where you can currently get gigabit fiber service at your home, making the city an even more attractive location for business.

Please contact the City of Sandy Economic Development office with all inquiries into new commercial development projects and let us help you get your project started.  Here's who to ask for and how to get a hold of us:

Economic Development Manager: David C. Snider

Office Hours:  Mon through Fri, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm          Phone:  (503) 489-2159          Email:

Backup contact:  Kim Yamashita (City Manager (interim)) - (503) 668-5767 -

...and here's a few links to help you research your next commercial development project in Sandy:

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