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Volunteer In Sandy

Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community and get involved in local projects. In Sandy, we have many
different volunteering opportunities available whether you are interested in donating your time for a local parks project or
interested in serving on a board for a local organization. This page will help you find the right volunteering opportunity to
suit your needs. 

Volunteer Opportunities


     Child & Youth

      Special Events

     City of Sandy


Contact Us

If you would like more information about an event or would like to share a volunteer opportunity please fill out the Volunteer in Sandy Contact Form.



Sandy Senior Center

Contact: (503) 668 5569

Sandy Community Action Center 

Contact: (503) 668 4746

Sandy Chamber of Commerce

Contact: (503) 668 4006

Friends of the Sandy Library 

Contact: (503) 668 8623

Friends of the Sandy Pool

Sandy Historical Society 

Contact: (503) 668 3378


Child & Youth

AntFarm Cafe & Bakery in downtown Sandy.

Sandy Actors Theater

Contact: (503) 668 6834


Contact: (503) 668 9955

Sandy Public Library 

Contact: (503) 668 5537


Special Events

2015 First Fridays

Contact : Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce - (503) 668 4006

2015 Trick-or-Treat Trail

Contact : Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce - (503) 668 4006

Music Fair & Feast

Contact : Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce - (503) 668 4006

Sandy Mountain Festival

Contact: (503) 668 5900

SOLV-IT in Sandy Day 


City of Sandy

Planning Commission Application