Transit Tax

Sandy’s public transit system is primarily supported by a local business tax per Ordinance No. 2012-10. The business transit tax is assessed on all businesses operating within Sandy city limits and is an employer paid tax.  

link  About the Transit Tax - Information for new businesses:  Welcome to the City of Sandy!  This page provides basic information and contact information regarding the City of Sandy transit tax.

link  SMC Chapter 5.05 - Public Transportation and Self Employment Tax:  Read the section from Sandy's Municipal Code establishing the City of Sandy transit tax here.

link  Transit Tax - Information for Realtors:  Specific transit tax information for realtors transacting within city limits.

link  Transit Tax reporting form:  An online transit tax reporting form you can fill out online.

link  Apportionment for businesses outside city limits:  Information regarding the City of Sandy transit tax liabilities for businesses outside of Sandy city limits doing business within city limits.