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Streets and Traffic

The City of Sandy Public Works Department enhances public safety through regular maintenance of city streets.  Please use the links below for additional information about street maintenance and other street related issues:

  • Right of Way Permit - All work in the right-of-way of City streets requires a street opening permit, including driveway approach and sidewalk repairs.  Please contact the City prior to starting your project.  Click here for more information.
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management Program - As the City grows, neighborhood concerns about traffic are increasing.  The City tries to incorporate "traffic calming" features into new street projects and retrofit them into existing streets, and has a program in place to deal with these concerns in existing neighborhoods from residents.  Click here for additional details.
  • Street Maintenance - The City has implemented a pavement management system to prioritize resurfacing projects and repairs. The system considers the condition and traffic volume of a particular street section and determines the most cost-effective treatment and timing.  Click here to see current street maintenance plans.
  • Street Sweeping - Streets in Sandy are swept monthly by an independent contractor (Great Western Sweeping).  Help keep your street clean by moving your car off the street when the sweeper comes through.  The street sweeper typically makes its rounds around the 15th of each month.
  • Snow and Ice - When it snows, the City is responsible for plowing and sanding City streets.  Arterial and collector streets and hills (Dubarko, Tupper, Bluff, 362nd, Meinig, Cascadia Village Dr., Bornstedt inside the City Limits, etc.) are plowed and sanded first with steep local streets (Marcy, Gerilyn, Orr, Chase, Melissa, etc.) taken care of next.  Flatter, local streets (residential) are not plowed or sanded unless the snowfall is significant (6" or greater with more snow expected).
  • Street Tree Removal and Planting Permit - Removal, pruning and planting of street trees requires a permit (no charge) from the City.  Street trees are those trees located in the planter strip between the curb and sidewalk or within 10 feet of the right-of-way when required as a part of subdivision conditions.  Click here to find required permit applications and additional information about street trees.
  • Street Lights - Nearly all street lights in Sandy are owned by the City, but are maintained under contract by Portland General Electric. Click on the link above to find out how to report a streetlight outage.
  • Block Party / Street Closure Permits - Residents may request the closure of any local, residential City street for a block party, neighborhood watch, National Night Out or other similar, non-commercial event.  Click here for more information.