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Street Tree Removal and Planting Permit

Removal, pruning and planting of street trees requires a permit (no charge) from the City. Street trees are those trees located in the planter strip between the curb and sidewalk or within 10 feet of the right-of-way when required as a part of subdivision conditions. Please use the forms below and call 503-668-5533 if you have any questions or need more information

  • Pruning involves cutting a branch off at the trunk or bole of the tree - a permit is required.
  • Trimming involves cutting leaders or smaller branches off at the connection to the main branch - no permit is required.
  • Generally speaking, if the branch is 2" or less - go ahead and remove it.  If the branch is between 2" and 4" - think twice before removing it.  If the branch is 4" or greater - have a good reason to remove it.


  • filecabinet Street Tree Permit Application - This is an online fillable form - click on each box to fill out. After completing the form online, print it out, sign the form and affadavit and return to City Hall
  • filecabinet How to prune trees - Good information from the USDA-Forest Service on how to care for trees