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Special Service Contract Program

Every two years, the Sandy City Council identifies their organizational goals for the coming budget period. Sometimes certain goals can be accomplished more efficiently or effectively by persons or organizations outside city government, typically by these parties using their proprietary expertise or resources in concert with public funding to produce results.

The City of Sandy is making public funding available to non-profit organizations that can present a proposal to help the City Council achieve its stated goals, identified community needs, or provide a public benefit for the next budget period. The City Council has set aside funding for the furtherance of City Council goals and community needs.

The City of Sandy accepts applications for the special service contract program in May and June of odd-numbered years. If your non-profit organization would like to apply for financial assistance to help the Sandy City Council achieve one of their stated goals, please fill out and submit an application for the Special Service Contract Program.  In order for an application to be eligible for a special service contract, your project must meet the stated criteria in the Program Description listed below and be approved by the SSCP grant review committee.

The deadline for submission of your SSCP application is June 16th, 2017.


2017-2019 SSCP: Program description -- A description of the grant program and what is required to apply

2017-2019 SSCP: Program application -- Print and fill out your application.  

Once your application is complete, you may submit it by either:

  • Handing it in to staff at the front counter at Sandy City Hall (39250 Pioneer Boulevard),


  • Mailing it to the following address
    Sandy City Hall - SSCP
    Attn: Economic Development Dept
    39250 Pioneer Boulevard
    Sandy, OR  97055