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Sign Variance Process and Committee

There may be rare instances where a combination of strict application of the standards in Chapter 15.32 of the City Code and/or public safety concerns may preclude use of signs as a communication medium for a primary frontage. In these cases, it may be appropriate to vary a particular standard to enable a property owner to utilize signs in a manner similar to others in a district.

Steps for a Sign Variance

  • To request a variance, an applicant submits a completed sign variance application and the appropriate review fee. The Sign Review Committee then holds a public meeting on the application
  • To approve a sign variance request, the Sign Review Committee must find that the requested variance is consistent with the intent of the signage regulations for the zoning district it is requested for, and the sign is of a reasonable size. The Committee shall balance business needs with community aesthetics. The Sign Review Committee may impose conditions on the approval as necessary to achieve the purposes of the regulations.
  • Unless appealed, the Sign Review Committee's decision is the final decision of the City of Sandy. Appeals to the Sign Review Committee's decisions is decided by the City Council, and the City Council's decision is then the final decision of the City of Sandy.
  • Where a sign approved through these variance procedures is not installed within twelve (12) months, the variance approval expires and all work must fully comply with the sign regulations as amended to that date.

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