Sign Permits

All wall, projecting, freestanding, integrated business center and permanent A-frame signs within the City Limits are regulated through Chapter 15.32 of the Sandy Municipal Code.  Limitations on types of signs are based on zoning districts, sizes, location, and quantities permitted.

General Information - Sign Design Review

All signs, both proposed and existing, must be in conformance with the Sandy Development Code and any other restrictions or conditions previously imposed by the City of Sandy on the subject property.

Two (2) copies of any supplemental information must be submitted with the application.
A separate application must be submitted for each freestanding sign. A combined application may be submitted for all wall signs. Application submittal and payment of fee does not assure approval of the sign request, and fees are not refundable. All freestanding signs must be designed and constructed to withstand 100 MPH wind loading. Plans may require review by a structural engineer.

Residential sign regulations and Commercial/Industrial sign regulations

Materials to be Submitted


Complete a Permit Application Form and submit the following:

  1. Plot plan - drawn to scale, with dimensions of site, abutting streets, existing and proposed buildings, and ALL existing signs. The plot plan should indicate location of proposed signs.
  2. Elevation drawings - indicating colors, materials, type of script, size of letters, and graphics of proposed sign(s). Including measurements of wall(s) is necessary when signs are proposed to be wall-mounted.
  3. A letter from the property owner permitting the proposed sign.

Review Process

  1. Upon receipt of a completed application, the sign permit will be routed to the Planning & Development Department to analyze compliance with the Sandy Municipal Code and the Building Code. You will be notified when your sign permit is ready to be picked up.
  2. If your proposed sign will be lighted, an electrical permit must be obtained from Clackamas County.
  3. Signs may not be installed until a permit has been issued.
  4. Structural review may be required by the Building Official and will be subject to additional review fees.

For more information, please contact the Building Department at (503) 668-0880 or