Sandy Brand - Information and Policies

The City of Sandy, in cooperation with the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce, encourages Sandy nonprofit groups and organizations to use the "Sandy - Gateway to Mt. Hood" graphics in promoting Sandy and events in Sandy.

The Sandy "brand" graphics emphasizes our city's connection with Mt. Hood and the Mt. Hood recreation area. The "S" in the word "Sandy" represents our namesake Sandy River.

Guidelines for use of the "Sandy - Gateway to Mt. Hood" brand

  • Nonprofit organizations can use the graphics on visitor-oriented items for sale; e.g., coffee mugs, shirts, mouse pads, etc.
  • Groups sponsoring special events can incorporate the graphics in promotional material, where the "Gateway to Mt. Hood" text can be replaced by the event name or sponsoring organization. See notes below for font and style requirements.
  • Graphics can be downloaded from this web site. When using the graphics:
    • Maintain the original aspect ratio when re-sizing the graphics. Do not stretch or squeeze the graphics to fit an available space. Violators will be sent to Photoshop school at their own expense.
    • If additional text is added, use Microsoft Arial font with italic style.
    • The "brand" does not include a specific color: use a color appropriate to your organization, event, or the item the graphics will be used on.

filecabinet Sandy Brand with "Gateway to Mt. Hood"  To download, right-click on link and choose "Save Link As"
filecabinet High-resolution Sandy brand without text  To download, right-click on link and choose "Save Link As"