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Report a problem / After hours help

For after hours problems or emergencies with the water, sewer, storm drainage or street systems, please call (503) 668-5533 and listen to the recording for the City's 24-hour answering service number.  Please be sure to give the operator your complete address and a contact phone number so that any personnel dispatched can contact you if needed.  

Public Works only responds to problems or emergencies within the city limits of Sandy (click on link below for map).  For street or drainage problems/emergencies outside Sandy, contact Clackamas County DTD at (503) 557-6391 [7am - 5:30pm, Monday - Thursday] or (503) 655-8911 [Fridays, evenings & weekends]. For street or drainage problems or emergencies on Hwy 26 or Hwy 211, contact the Oregon Department of Transportation at (503) 283-5859.