Police - Chief's Page

Police Chief's Page

   Kim Yamashita has been the Police Chief for the City of Sandy since she came to our community in April of 2010.  Chief Yamashita has been a law enforcement officer for 17 years, including service as a sergeant with the City of Washougal and a patrol officer with the City of Vancouver.  She holds a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and a master's degree in management and human resources.  She is a retired U.S Air Force veteran and served in Operation Desert Storm.  

    Chief Yamashita currently has 15 other sworn officers, 3 non-support staff, a code enforcement officer and 4 reserve officers under her command.  



  • Trustworthiness - We are committed to truthfulness, sincerity, candor and honesty.  We will be morally responsible and loyal.
  • Respect - We will treat everyone with respect regardless of their race, religion, color or sexual orientation.
  • Responsibility - We will be accountable, use self-restraint and be mindful of the liability associated with our career.
  • Justice & Fairness - We will treat everyone equally, ensuring that each individual receives due process and consistent treatment. We will make our activities transparent to the community.
  • Integrity - We will display integrity and moral courage by keeping our promises and "walking the talk."
  • Caring - We will show concern for others.  We will consider the way our decisions affect those with which we interact.
  • Civic Virtue & Citizenship - We will act with social consciousness.  We will remember that our job is to provide a community service.


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