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The Department of Planning and Building is responsible for guiding the City's land use development process. Planning and Building staff are responsible for implementing the City's Comprehensive Plan to ensure that development projects conform to the municipal code. Please use the quick links at right to find helpful planning and development related information.

The Department of Planning and Building is located at City Hall (39250 Pioneer Boulevard) and is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday - Friday. The Department is staffed by the Director, Building Official, Permit Technician, and Planning Assistant. For direct phone numbers and e-mail addresses, click the directory link.

General Planning Line: (503) 489-2160
Building Permit Info: (503) 668-0880
Building Inspections: (503) 668-6941
Fax: (503) 668-8714


The Department of Planning and Building has four components: Building Services, Development Review, Long Range Planning, and Urban Renewal. For information on each of these components please see the following web pages:


Important Update - UGB Expansion Project

Sandy’s existing urban growth boundary (UGB) has accommodated our housing, employment, park and school needs for nearly 20 years. Adopted in 2015, the conclusion of an urbanization study indicated that in the 20 year planning period (2014-2034) there is expected to be a deficit in the existing UGB of properties zoned for low and medium density residential development and commercial properties. Following adoption of the Urbanization Study the next step is to evaluate which properties to include in a UGB expansion. Beginning in the summer of 2015 City staff started compiling information to evaluate each property within the existing urban reserve boundary for potential inclusion in an expansion.

We held public workshops on March 2nd and 8th that were well attended by an engaged audience who asked many great questions. About 30 people attended each workshop. These workshops presented background information about the study and the methodology we will use to assess which properties to include in a UGB expansion. For the benefit of those that could not attend the meeting we have included the public workshop presentation on the UGB Expansion Project webpage.

Additional Resources

For Planning information outside the city limits, see the Clackamas County website. If you are looking for information regarding on-line maps click on C Maps, but if you are looking for scanned tax maps click on the County Tax Map page.

The Planning and Development web pages also have a wealth of information regarding the City Facade Improvement Grant Program, Sustainable Practices, and the Urbanization Report. You may also find out about the Sandy Market Analysis by clicking here.