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Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) Information

A LIQUOR LICENSE is needed if you or your business sells, manufactures, imports, or distributes alcohol in Oregon. An Alcohol Service Permit is primarily for those people who mix, serve, or sell alcohol, such as wait staff, bartenders, or managers.

The Liquor License application must first be approved by OLCC before being processed by the City. The City of Sandy requires liquor license applicants to pay $100 for a new liquor license and $35 for annual renewals. For new licenses the City routes the OLCC license application as provided by the applicant to the Police Department for approval. The applicant is then notified when their license application has completed this process. The applicant is responsible for picking up their application and returning it to OLCC.

According to Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC), here are some common examples in which a liquor license is required:

  • Restaurants wanting to sell/serve beer, wine, cider or hard alcohol;
  • Grocery stores, convenience stores, or boutique shops wanting to sell beer, wine or cider;
  • Special events where alcohol will be sold;
  • Special events where alcohol is not being sold, but you are charging or accepting donations for admission, or where payment is required to attend the event;
  • Raffles in which alcohol will be a prize;
  • Auctions of alcohol (Nonprofits may sell beer, wine or cider at auction once in a 12-month period without a liquor license. The nonprofit must contact the OLCC for written approval).

For more information on obtaining an OLCC Liquor License please visit the OLCC website or contact them by phone at  1-800-452-6522.