The "How to Open a Business in Sandy" Guide

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Good day, and welcome to the City of Sandy!   We are extremely happy that you have decided to open a business here, and we’d like to do everything we can to help you succeed and make money.  The City of Sandy’s Economic Development office has put together this “How to Open a Business in Sandy” guide to help you navigate the City’s requirements (as well as county, state and federal regulations) for operating a business within Sandy’s city limits.

We strongly advise that new business owners do not sign a lease for a retail space with a commercial property owner until you have read through this guide.  We cannot emphasize this strongly enough.  Choosing a property for your business before understanding what will be involved in customizing it to your needs and maintaining compliance with city, county, state and federal regulations can literally cost you thousands of dollars in unplanned expenses.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact the City’s Economic Development office at (503) 489-2159.  We would be happy to discuss the particulars with you.

The Guide is organized into five steps, and you may start anywhere you like.  Enjoy!

link Step 1: What to Do Before Coming to the City  This section covers actions to take before interacting with the City of Sandy. This includes business plans, budgeting, proper capitalization and registering your business with the state of Oregon and the federal government.

link Step 2: Find a Location  This section covers actions related to finding a suitable storefront for your business. Topics covered include home-occupation businesses, the City of Sandy Available Commercial Properties database, identifying the proper zone for your business and "permitted" vs. "conditional" use.

link Step 3: Meet with the Economic Development Department  Let the City's Economic Development Department verify your information and help you get your business license application started.

link Step 4: Meet with the City Building Official  This section covers your initial inspection with the City's building official. Topics covered include fire & life safety inspections, ADA compliance, "change of use" regulations and system development charges.

link Step 5: Remodeling Your Building  This section covers city regulations regarding the physical modification of your business space, including the different kinds of permits required.