Film & Media Production in Sandy

FilmGreetings, and welcome to the City of Sandy.  This page is for film and media production companies interested in filming within our city limits.  We've worked to make our local permitting process simple and painless as possible to help your project proceed smoothly.  Please get in touch with our Film & Media Contact to ensure you have all of the permits you need, and for general assistance with any city-related issues prior to filming.  Thank you and good luck!

City of Sandy Film & Media Contact:

Business requirements for filming in the City of Sandy:

  • Uniform Clackamas County Film & Media Filming Permit:  If you haven't yet filled out a permit with the County, please do so now. Completing the online county permit is simple, and is required prior to filming anywhere in the county.  The Uniform Clackamas County Film & Media Permit can be found at:
  • City of Sandy business license:  The City of Sandy does not charge property usage fees for filming, but does require production companies to obtain a standard business license to operate within city limits.  Business license fees are relatively low (<$200 in most cases), and are determined by the number of personnel the applicant will have working on the project.  Your city business license will be auto-generated from the information you enter into the county filming permit, and may take 1-2 weeks to process.  Please contact the designated film & media contact for the City of Sandy with any questions about this license.
  • Certificate of Insurance:  The City of Sandy requires that any production company operating within city limits acquire a certificate of insurance for an amount not less than $1,000,000 naming the City of Sandy as a co-insured for protection against claims of third persons for personal injuries, wrongful deaths, and property damage.

Once these three requirements are met, please contact the designated film & media contact (information listed above) to discuss any other local permits or permissions that might be needed for your project (road closure permits, traffic control permits, pyrotechnic permits, requests for city personnel, etc).  

Fee Schedule:  The City of Sandy is happy to offer film & media production companies the use of City personnel upon request.  Cost recovery fees for the usage of City staff and resources shall be determined using the following schedule:

  • Park staff            --     $44 per hour/person
  • Water                  --     standard per unit rate + $50 hydrant metering fee
  • Clean up              --     $44 per hour/person
  • Traffic control     --     $44 per hour/person
  • Police services    --     $63 per hour/officer