Document Archives

The City of Sandy's "Weblink" feature allows anyone with Internet service to view, download, and print any document in the City's electronic archives. Over 150,000 pages of city documents have been scanned and archived. These include city ordinances, City Council meeting agendas, minutes, Planning Commission packets and minutes, correspondence, agreements, and other important city documents.


Access to the documents is intuitive and easy-to-use. Choose the "browse" button to search through the archive's folder structure. It is organized just like computer files in Windows Explorer. For example, to look up an ordinance passed in 1996, open the "Council" folder, then "Ordinances," then "1996."

Or click on the "Search" button for quick searches of the entire database. You can, for example, look up "riparian protection" within 10 words of "ordinance" just by filling out the the boxes in the search form. Click on the "fuzzy logic" box to find phrases that sound like, or are spelled like, the phrase you are looking for. TIP: don't use the "fuzzy logic" option unless you really need to, since it slows down your search.

To Print: Click on the "Download to PDF" button. TIP: make sure you have the correct page numbers selected. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

link Weblink Online Archives On-line archives of City of Sandy documents and records.