Credit Program

The City of Sandy’s  stormwater management program defines one Equivalent Residential Unit (ERU) as 2,750 square feet of impervious area, or the equivalent impervious area of a typical single-family home site.  Non-single-family-residential properties with more than one ERU of impervious area are charged the monthly stormwater management fee ($3.25) multiplied by the number of ERUs.

The impervious surface area of each commercial, industrial, and multi-family site was determined in one of three ways:

  1. On-the-ground measurements
  2. Information submitted with the building permit application when the property was developed
  3. Aerial photos (when available)

Sandy’s incentive program is intended to encourage property owners to utilize source control facilities on new development or redevelopment, or to make improvements to existing properties to mitigate stormwater discharges.  The simplest way to reduce stormwater runoff is to reduce or eliminate impervious surfaces, (roofs, parking areas, etc.).

In many cases, it may be impractical to reduce or eliminate impervious surfaces. In these instances, credits may be given for reducing the effective impervious surface. Directing parking lot runoff into already vegetated areas (i.e. parking lot perimeter or interior landscaping); directing roof runoff into planters or landscaping; and planting trees within a certain distance from impervious surfaces are examples of simple changes that can reduce the impacts of stormwater runoff.

These improvements (and the examples listed below) are eligible for credits that can be used to offset the amount of impervious surface on your property and thus reduce your monthly bill. Credits under the incentive program are given on the basis of ERUs mitigated.  The maximum credit allowed is 1/3 (33%) of the total number of ERUs.  Additional credits may be available for property owners that completely eliminate impervious surfaces on their property.  Credits are available for commercial, industrial, and multi-family properties.