The City of Sandy Comprehensive Plan

The The City of Sandy Comprehensive Plan is a set of policies and implementing measures affecting land use within the city limits and, ultimately, within the Urban Growth Boundary. The Plan is a guide for both public officials and the general public to define the direction, quality and quantity of future development, and to evaluate decisions and weigh the possible effects on the future of the community.

Land use planning is an effort to determine the most appropriate land uses within a given area and to provide a means for effectively and efficiently facilitating and guiding development activity. Planning ensures that residential, commercial and industrial uses are properly located in relation to each other and that adequate quantities of all types of land are available. Planning also helps ensure that new development enhances and helps maintain the type of community that residents of Sandy desire.

The Comprehensive Plan is a tool that changes and evolves continually as the needs and goals of the city change. As significant changes occur within the community, the Plan should be amended after careful consideration of the future consequences.

Implementing measures, such as zoning and development ordinances, are specific approaches or techniques for implementing Plan policies. They delineate the criteria and standards for development addressed within the broad outlines of the Comprehensive Plan.

A well-defined planning and development process helps developers, builders and the public understand the city’s policies and approach to existing and proposed development. Developers will have a clearer understanding of what information decision-makers will use to determine the desirability and acceptability of their proposals. The Plan also helps in the coordination of public and private sector activities and city departmental activities by indicating the municipality’s development goals and objectives.

filecabinet Comprehensive Plan (updated April 2012)
filecabinet Comprehensive Plan Map (updated July 2013).pdf