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Code Enforcement - Yards & Property

Yards & Property

Weeds & noxious growth

To preserve livability and safety, the City of Sandy has a set of "nuisance" ordinances related to properties.  Properties must be kept clear of "weeds and noxious growth" which includes grass over 10 inches tall as well as thistles and blackberries.  Property owners are also required to maintain the planting strip between sidewalks and curbs around their properties.  Violation of this ordinance may result in a $500 fine.

Junk accumulation

People are not allowed to store "junk" on any part of their property that is exposed to view of the public.  The definition of "junk" includes but is not limited to: scrap building supplies, furniture, appliances, junk vehicles, garbage and recyclables.  Violation of this ordinance may result in a $500 fine.