Code Enforcement - Parking

Parking on City Streets

The following are violations of the City's municipal code with regard to on-street parking:

  • displaying the vehicle for sale
  • repairing or servicing the vehicle, except for repairs necessitated by an emergency
  • displaying advertising from the vehicle
  • selling merchandise from the vehicle, except when authorized
  • any violation pursuant to Oregon Revised Statute 811.550, which prohibits parking on sidewalks, parkways, near fire hydrants, private drives, within intersections, crosswalks, double-parking or parking in violation of posted regulatory signs
  • parking in a manner which causes a traffic hazard to any normal flow of traffic

"Abandoned" vehicles

Residents are allowed to park their vehicles on the street (except, of course, in areas where parking is otherwise prohibited), but are not allowed to use the street for storage of vehicles.  Vehicles are considered "abandoned" if they sit in the same position on a public street for more than 72 hours.  Boats, trailers and recreational vehicles must be stored on private property (in driveways or RV parking areas, or an off-site storage facility). Prohibited parking of this nature may result in a $100 per day that the violation exists and vehicles are subject to tow.