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City Council Neighborhood Liaisons

One of the goals of the Sandy City Council is to "Take a proactive approach to neighborhood outreach. This includes communication with all neighborhoods in the city, whether or not they are formally organized."  As one of the steps to accomplish this, we have identified eight neighborhood areas within Sandy, based on common geography or issues. These neighborhood groupings are shown in this map. Our goal is to use these neighborhood areas for newsletters, meetings when issues arise, and occasional summer block parties.

The City Council is elected at large, and each Council member represents residents of all neighborhoods in Sandy (the entire City of Sandy is smaller than most neighborhood associations in Portland or Vancouver). The Council has, however, assigned its members to the various neighborhoods to serve as the primary point of contact on neighborhood issues. These assignments (as of 2/10/15) are:

  • John Hamblin -- North Bluff. This includes the North Bluff Road Neighborhood Association, as well as homes to the north (including Shalimar, north of Kelso Rd.), and homes to the south to Highway 26 and west of Bluff Road (including Marcy Street and Meeker Street).
  • John Hamblin -- North Sandy/Vista. All homes east of Bluff, north of Pioneer Blvd., and west of the Langensand Rd. intersection. Vista Loop. North of Hwy. 26 and east of the Langensand intersection.
  • Jeremy Pietzold -- Southeast Sandy. The neighborhood "behind the Post Office" and around Meinig Park. East of Hwy. 211, south of Hwy. 26, and north of Tickle Creek (including the new developments of Alderwood Estates and Timberline Estates).
  • Olga Gerberg -- South Sandy. Homes south of Pioneer Blvd., west of Hwy. 211 and east of University Street.
  • Carl Exner -- Knollwood/Nicolas Glen. The Knollwood subdivision, including the Knollwood mobile home park,  the SW Sandy Neighborhood Association, and the Nicolas Glen subdivision.
  • Bill King -- Tickle Creek/Double Creek. Includes Double Creek Phase II if and when it develops.
  • Don Hollis -- Bornstedt Village, Cascadia Village, Snowberry and other new subdivisions south of Tickle Creek.

For Council contact information, see the Directory.