About SAM

About SAM

Sandy's transit department offers several types of transportation options.  These services are designed to accommodate varying levels of accessibility in an integrated system.  Every effort is made to make the Gresham and Estacada commuter routes (also called fixed route service) accessible and user friendly.  Sandy employs professional dispatch and driving staff who undergo sensitivity training.  Transit works with other city departments such as Planning and Public Works to include curb cuts and Braille strips at all intersections along our fixed route.  We have low-floor vehicles and transit training excursions that combine adventure with learning to use the region's transit system.

Our fixed routes are supported with a demand-response service for door-to-door trips as needed to get to local services.  This service also acts as a feeder service to the fixed route.  A higher need of assistance requiring door-to-door service outside of the service area is also available.

Sandy Transit has adopted the Oregon Department of Transportation's DBE goal of 8% for fiscal year 2014.

All transit services operate from the Sandy Transit Center at Centennial Plaza.  The transit center is located on Hoffman Street between Proctor Boulevard and Pioneer Boulevard. 

Due to a loss of grant funding, Sandy Transit began charging a fare for all services in October of 2013.  See our Fares page for more information.