A-frame Sign Process

Example of A-frame Sign

A-frame signs are permitted as portable permanent signs. The following information lists A-frame sign regulations and the applicable approval process.

Design Review: Prior to issuing a permit for an A-Frame sign, the sign design must be reviewed and approved by the Sign Review Committee appointed by the City Council, according to criteria and procedures established by the committee.

Dimensions: The sign area shall not exceed six (6) square feet measured at the outside edge of the sign structure. The top of the sign shall be no more than four (4) feet from the ground (including feet and hinge mechanism).

Quantity: No more than one sign per business or property. Properties with multiple businesses are permitted one sign per separate business entity.


  • Signs must not obstruct vehicle sight clearances or be placed so as to obscure permanent signs.
  • Signs placed on or near sidewalks must maintain at least four (4) feet unobstructed sidewalk width.
  • Signs may be located at a different location than the business location of the owner of the sign if the sign owner submits a consent form allowing such a sign signed by the business or property owner where the sign will be located.

Time period: A-frame signs may be displayed only during hours that the business is open to the public, and shall be promptly removed from public display when the business is closed.

filecabinet A-Frame Sign Permit Application
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